Preoccupations cancel tour after van containing all their gear is stolen

“Everything is gone, this tour is fucked,” the band wrote.

Preoccupations have cancelled their tour after their van and trailer containing all of their gear was stolen.

The band performed in San Francisco last night (May 14) and awoke to find that their van was missing from a hotel car park the next morning.

Writing in a now-deleted Instagram post, the band wrote: “The curse continues our van and trailer was stolen, everything is gone, this tour is fucked, the bounty no longer exists. Praying for a god damn Christmas miracle.”

“The curse” refers to an incident last week which saw the band’s trailer broken in to. “Spent the first half of today combing the back alleys and sidewalk shops of east Vancouver’s Hastings and China town looking for our stolen gear,” they wrote in another Instagram post.

“Our trailer was broken into and looted. Luckily less than half our gear was stolen and most of its replaceable although it still hurts. I just hope whoever’s hands its in now they are shredding some serious fucking gnar. The show goes on.”

Speaking to NME, Preoccupations tour manager/FOH Rena Nicole Kozak said: “I realized it happened when I came out of the hotel this morning to put my bag in before checking out. It wasn’t in the spot I parked it in, I had paid for the parking in the hotel lot so I was pretty sure they didn’t tow it. I think I knew it was fully gone immediately.

“On the one hand it’s mind blowing that everything is just gone like that and on the other hand since we were just robbed on a much smaller scale last week everyone took it sort of in stride. Like, it’s just stuff and they’re all still here and everyone is fine.

“There’s a lot of passion to keep doing the shows, there’s also a desire to take a break due to the overwhelming nature of it,” she continued. “I know they don’t want to comment on the fate of the last dates of the tour officially yet. There’s still a desire to try to pull them off but a big question mark on how to fund it.

“So can’t really say yet what will happen next. They will play the two LA shows for sure but everyone needs a little time to figure out how best to handle the rest.

“Insurance will not likely cover any of their gear, which is why there’s going to be a go fund me page, a portion of my losses will be covered by my insurance but they are going to end up in the hole very badly. It’s over 30k worth of equipment all in.

“But I would say while fans can certainly pitch money in to help, it will be much needed, the boys could really use the motivation from fans. I think there’s some feelings of defeat and they are stressed enough to forget that people love their music and it’s worth carrying on through adversity. Just showing them the love would probably go a long way right now.”

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