There’s a Janelle Monáe app that replaces all the music on your Spotify playlists with her new album

Janelle Monáe has launched a new app which sees all the music on your Spotify playlists replaced with her new album.

Monáe released Dirty Computer last month to a string of glowing reviews – including a five star verdict from NME.

In a new promotion for the album, Monáe has released the app that asks fans to ‘clean’ their playlists and ‘enter the dirty computer experience’.

Sharing the app on Twitter, Monáe wrote: “Dirty Computers! Feel what it’s liked to be cleaned, and update your playlists with me.” You can see the tweet below.

Meanwhile, Monáe recently opened up on how Prince influenced the new album after previously working and duetting with the musical icon.

“There’s only one Prince and there will never be another. I had the opportunity to be inspired by Prince like the rest of the world growing up. In fact, I used to be terrified of Prince. I could not watch his videos. I had a dream that he chased me in a purple suit”, she explained.

”It was something about watching this black man, I’d never seen a black man express himself like that, and it scared me. You know I don’t know if it was because maybe I hadn’t been comfortable with tapping into my fearlessness…it’s just like you got the sense that he was a free ass motherf*****, right? And I don’t know if I was ready to tap into my free as motherf***** nature, but I think what I love most is that I got the opportunity to get to know the man who everybody looked at as this mysterious, other-worldly being. You know I did get the opportunity to perform onstage with him”

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