Politician running for next London Mayor calls for cannabis to be legalised

The call follows NME’s symposium last week calling for the legalisation of the drug

A leading Tory MP who has entered the race to be London’s next mayor has called for cannabis to be legalised.

Andrew Boff has claimed that making the drug legal would reduce knife crime and mental illness amongst young people who take powerful strains of the drug.

Speaking to the London Evening Standard, Boff said he would use his position as mayor to “bring regulation to an illicit drugs trade that is behind half of the murders in London.”

A member of the London Assembly, Boff has 40 years of experience in government. He said that whilst he would have no powers to change the drug laws himself, he would use the position as a platform to persuade Parliament.

“We are handing the distribution of cannabis to criminals and…putting young people at risk, both from knife crime as gangs fight for market share and from being exposed to black market drugs that are particularly dangerous to health.”

The call comes after NME’s symposium in Westminster last week (June 27), calling for the legalisation of the drug for medicinal use.

Damian Marley and Professor Green were joined on a panel together with Norman Lamb MP, American cannabis advocate Doctor Frank D’Ambrosio and campaigner Kate Rothwell, whose cousin Oliver has a severe form of epilepsy alleviated by cannabis oil.