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Bebe Rexha has described writing a song for Eminem as a game changer for her career.

The American popstar is riding high in the charts at the moment as her track with Florida Georgia Line, Meant to Be, has recently spent its 35th week atop Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

However, it was her work with hip-hop star Eminem on Grammy Award-winning song The Monster that really got the ball rolling for the 28-year-old.

“That really changed the game for me,” she told Fault magazine. “It changed everyone’s perspective of who I was and really shone a spotlight on my songwriting, so when I transitioned into an artist, I never once had people tell me what to do. When you write the song yourself, people really connect with it on a different level.”

Monster, which featured Rihanna, came out in 2013, the year before Bebe released her debut single I Can’t Stop Drinking About You.

Since then, the blonde star has launched a full-fledged singing career, with her first album Expectations hitting shelves in June (18).

And when asked if she’s got used to her fame yet, Bebe admitted it still hasn’t sunk in.

“Not at all, I still feel like I don’t belong,” she shrugged. “It was never handed to me on a silver platter, like, here you go, you’re a star! I was always the underdog. I was a little quirky, a little different, I would write my own songs. But I’m so supportive of other females and other artists.”

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