Husband-and-Wife Team The War And Treaty Offer a Message Love on ‘Healing Tide’ – Rolling Stone

Husband-and-wife duo Michael and Tanya Trotter overwhelm with a message of positivity and love on their debut. Produced by Americana luminary Buddy Miller, Healing Tide centers the Trotters’ joyous, gospel-style harmonizing with superb country-soul arrangements and powerful statements of devotion like “Are You Ready to Love Me,” where they happily allow themselves to become intertwined. In the slinky “Jeep Cherokee Laredo,” they admonish a nosy person for interrupting a moment of passion, while in the righteous Sly & the Family Stone-style rave-up “All I Wanna Do,” they promise to walk to the ends of the earth together. Whether in a quiet hymn of adoration like “Hearts” or the soul-stirring “Love Like There’s No Tomorrow,” the Trotters’ deep affection for one another informs every aspect of this album, and shines like a beacon in troubled times.

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