Hear Sampha’s ‘Treasure’ From the ‘Beautiful Boy’ Soundtrack – Rolling Stone

Sampha evokes the vintage yearning of P.M. Dawn on his new song “Treasure.” Like many of this artist’s tracks, “Treasure” is bare and centered around the piano, with darting strings and handsome backing vocals filling in around the edges.

Sampha’s lyrics hint at romantic torment. “I’ll take you home, I’ll make you whole,” he sings. “You’ll make me wish that this wasn’t real/ Because you’re my treasure.” The chorus allows Sampha to display his unique falsetto, with the strings rising to match him as his voice slips higher and higher.

Sampha’s debut album, Process, came out in 2017; it went on to win England’s prestigious Mercury Prize. The singer also appeared last year on Drake’s More Life and on Richard Russell’s album under the name Everything Is Recorded. Sampha has been quiet, however, in 2018.

“Treasure” appears on the soundtrack to the new film Beautiful Boy. The movie, which was released on Friday, stars Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet. The soundtrack also includes selections from Massive Attack, John Lennon and Aphex Twin.

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