Kesha Pens Essay Supporting March for Our Lives, Common Sense Gun Laws – Rolling Stone

Kesha has penned an essay arguing for common sense gun laws ahead of this coming Election Day, with the singer also announcing that she has aligned with March for Our Lives in the fight to curb gun violence in schools.

“It’s sad to me that many politicians, pundits, and everyday Americans dismiss gun violence, not just mass shootings in schools, as just another part of the culture in our country. I wish it wasn’t. It doesn’t have to be,” Kesha wrote in the essay, published Friday by Teen Vogue.

Kesha added, “United, our voices are more powerful, and now we want to ask you to be part of this movement with us. Together if our voices are loud enough, and our determination is unwavering, I know we can make changes. Let’s join together and forever change gun laws in America.”

Kesha, a Tennessee native, noted that she does “not oppose the second amendment. “I do not hunt, personally, but I know people who do, and I respect that there are many very reasonable circumstances for gun ownership,” the singer wrote.

“But the military grade guns and firearm accessories used in so many shootings are not made for hunting or non-wartime protection. I hope that I am not misquoted and that I am understood very clearly because I do not oppose people having the right to bear arms if they meet the correct background checks, of which there is little continuity from state to state.”

In addition to the essay, Kesha shared the new video for “Safe,” penned and performed by her brother Sage and featuring the rapper Chika and Kesha herself. Sage wrote the song after the shooting at Majory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, a tragedy that sparked the March for Our Lives movement.

“The intense desire to change the normalcy of the American gun violence culture is why I wanted to come together with the Parkland students behind the advocacy group March for Our Lives, as well as the artists Chika and my younger brother Sage,” Kesha wrote. “Together, we’re asking Americans to vote for candidates who support common sense gun laws in this November’s midterm elections, so that we can finally end senseless gun violence.”

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