Fans slam Desert Daze festival after Tame Impala rained offstage

The band say they’re ‘devastated’

Tame Impala‘s set at California’s Desert Daze festival was cut short after just three songs due to adverse weather conditions last night (October 12), leading fans to voice their fury on social media.

As Stereogum reports, the band were just three songs into their set when a staff member came onstage to announce that the gig was being cut short due to a thunderstorm, urging fans to seek shelter. Until two hours earlier, organisers had reportedly insisted they would still play.

The decision unsurprisingly caused outrage among festival-goers on social media. Many claimed that it wasn’t the only problem with the event, with Desert Daze subsequently posting an apology for poor traffic conditions.

One fan called the festival “a disaster from the start”, while another described it as “a trainwreck of logistical nightmares.”



Tame Impala posted a message of their own on Instagram, with the caption: “Devastated. Sorry Desert Daze. Hope everyone’s safe.”

The festival had previously announced that it would take place despite advance warnings of adverse weather, but advised attendees against sleeping in their tents.

“We’ve been advised by the meterologist that the current lightning-containing storm cells will last throughout the night,” they said the night before Tame Impala’s set. “Chances are this storm will be passing by morning. Therefore, we strongly advise AGAINST sleeping in your tent due to threat of lightning.”

As an apology, Desert Daze have offered free parking for all for the rest of the weekend,  refunds for those who have already paid parking, and have said that Friday tickets will be valid today.

They tweeted: “We are working extremely hard and will have the grounds open and ready for you to enjoy today.”

Desert Daze has yet to respond to NME‘s request for further comment.

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