Elton John gifted Taron Egerton special diamond earring keepsake – Music News

Sir Elton John handed Taron Egerton his first diamond earring after learning the actor had his ear pierced to play the Crocodile Rock singer in a new biopic.

The 28-year-old Kingsman: The Secret Service star portrays the flamboyant pop singer in Rocket Man and he was so dedicated to the role, he had his ear pierced, prompting Elton to send him a very special gift.

”Elton was amazing,” Taron tells U.K. chat show host Graham Norton. “I had my ear pierced for the role and he gave me his first ever diamond earring.”

He had already met Elton before shooting on Rocket Man began, after teaming up with the singer for the Kingsman sequel, but they didn’t spend a lot of time together: “We had one lovely conversation,” the young star reveals. “He’s such an icon that you almost forget he is a real person. I still haven’t processed that I met him.”

Egerton admits he was reluctant to take on the role of a living legend at first, but he had a blast in Bohemian Rhapsody director Dexter Fletcher’s new film.

“It was the single greatest experience of my life,” he says, revealing his new role as Robin Hood came a close second – but that involved a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

Taron tells Norton that just trying to become a proficient archer in the film took a lot out of him: “I did a fair bit of training. I spent weeks doing it and had bleeding fingers, but when I got on set I didn’t have to fire one arrow!”

But at least he liked his look as the English outlaw: “(I said) I wouldn’t wear tights!” the actor adds. “They got me into snugly fitting track pants instead.”

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