Samuel L Jackson reveals that ‘Glass’ originally had a different ending

Don’t worry, no spoilers ahead

Samuel L Jackson has revealed that M Night Shyamalan altered the ending to Glass, the stealth sequel to the films Unbreakable and Split.

Glass sees the return of Unbreakable’s Elijah Price (Jackson) and David Dunn (Bruce Willis), and adds Split’s Kevin Wendell Crumb (James McAvoy) into the mix.

Jackson, however, revealed to Digital Spy that Shyamalan changed the ending due to the current state of global affairs.


“There was a different ending when we first started this that kind of needed to be changed because of the way society is and what’s going on in the world and what it would have looked like,” he said.

As Digital Spy reports further, Jackson didn’t reveal what the actual alteration was or whether it was solely to do with his character.

Earlier this month, McAvoy admitted that he wasn’t originally aware that Split was a stealth Unbreakable sequel.

“I read the first version of Split that I got sent and there was a little tenuous clue there – if I had been sharper eyed, I’d have seen it, but I missed it. I got into rehearsals and he kept talking about Unbreakable,” he said.

“And then it became clear, it dawned on me, the veil was lifted and I was like, ‘Oh my God’, he told Digital Spy. “Then a few weeks after that, I came clean….”

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