Bishop Briggs praises Lady Gaga’s ’emotional’ performance in ‘A Star Is Born’

“I was in shock and awe”

Bishop Briggs has praised on Lady Gaga’s “emotional” performance as Ally in the recent remake of A Star is Born.

In an interview with ET, Briggs has said she is “excited” for awards season and hopes that Lady Gaga will win for her role as Ally in the Bradley Cooper directed Oscar favourite.

Speaking about Lady Gaga’s role in the film, Briggs said “I had a silent drive home [after seeing A Star is Born]. I was in such shock and awe and it was so emotional. I just thought about it right now and I’m going to cry again.”

The ‘River’ singer also revealed that she is “pretty far” into work on her second album and that fans can expect to see a change in her style similar to the music on her latest single, ‘Baby.’

She said: “[Debut album] ‘Church of Scars’ had this heaviness and it felt disingenuous to not release something that was a shade of pink more and to just be transparent. Going forward, I want to kind of go in that direction and not hide behind metaphors.”

Bishop Briggs

She continued: “I still think I will always have darkness in me. Even though it’s a love song, it’s kind of dark, but I definitely opened a whole door for me of writing.”

Before she starts work on her next album, Briggs also told ET that she is taking a break. “I am going to be taking the couple of months I have off to really dive in and go to my bones, scraping and getting past the surface.

“I’m going to try to go to the core of my being and write from there…I innately feel pressure inside me.”

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