Maren Morris Sounds Off on Gun Reform in New Interview – Rolling Stone

Ahead of the release of her second album, Girl, Maren Morris is making good on the promise of her new song “Flavor,” in which the singer proclaims: “Shut up and sing? Oh hell no, I won’t,’” in reference to the infamous phrase levied against the Dixie Chicks when the group spoke out against President Bush and the Iraq War in 2003.

In a recent interview with Paper, the “Girl” singer spoke with a newfound clarity and specificity on a range of issues, including gun legislation.

“Can we have a conversation about common-sense gun reform so people can’t so easily walk into a church or a school or a music fest and shoot up the place with an automatic weapon?’” she said in the interview. “I just think there’s such a fear that comes with talking about a common-sense thing. Now that people immediately get so enraged and fired up and volatile, it scares a lot of artists into keeping quiet.”

Morris has talked about gun safety in the past, but her recent comments are perhaps the most pointed statements of action the 28-year-old singer-songwriter has made to date.

Shortly after the 2017 Las Vegas shooting at the Route 91 Harvest festival, the singer released “Dear Hate,” a duet with Vince Gill that she originally wrote in 2015 in response to the Charleston, South Carolina, church mass shooting.

“It’s just insane how relevant the message still is today,” she told Rolling Stone.

Morris’s Girl is in stores on March 8th. At Sunday’s Grammy Awards, the five-time nominee took part in an all-star salute to Dolly Parton, joining Parton and Miley Cyrus on “After the Gold Rush.”

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