A man is campaigning for a statue of Eazy-E to be erected in a small Sussex town

The local council said they have “no idea” who the rapper is

A man is campaigning to get a statue of Eazy-E erected in the small Sussex town of Newhaven.

Guy Stevens is asking the local council to remember the NWA rapper, who died in 1995, saying it will “add to the town.”

“Just do it,” he told Newhaven Town Council, according to The Argus. “Get a statue or a plaque up. Why not? You just wasted money on a bandstand on Denton island no one cares about so why not an Eazy-E memorial?”

Stevens said a memorial to the rapper would be “unique”, “eccentric”, and would “stand out”, adding it would “bring some interest” to Newhaven. He also claimed that because Eazy-E died from complications from AIDS it could “raise awareness of things like sexual health.”

“He needs to be remembered in some way in our town,” he said. “We have nothing going for us and no notable landmarks other than a fort. And Eazy-E is a legend.”

The rapper has no links to Newhaven and, while they have yet to formally respond to Stevens, the council said they have “no idea who Eazy-E is.”

Deputy mayor Graham Amy added: “I’ve lived all of my life in Newhaven and I’ve never heard of him, not a clue. I’m 72 years old and more of a Beatles fan than anything. If I had my way I would have statues to them around the town.” Stevens responded by saying The Beatles “suck”.

The local man has started an online poll to gauge public support for his campaign, saying the vote is 60:40 in his favour.

In other statue news, the world’s first statue of David Bowie was unveiled last year in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Bowie is reported to have first performed as his Ziggy Stardust persona and debuted two albums at gigs at the town’s Friars music venue in the early 1970s.

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