Hear the Cactus Blossoms’ New Song ‘Got a Lotta Love’ – Rolling Stone

Minnesota duo the Cactus Blossoms have released “Got a Lotta Love” from their upcoming album Easy Way. Brothers Page Burkum and Jack Torrey co-wrote the stripped-down ballad with Dan Auerbach at his Nashville-based Easy Eye Sound studio, building on a melodic idea they’d been saving.

While much of the Cactus Blossoms’ music feels unadorned, putting the emphasis on their sibling harmonies, “Got a Lotta Love” feels sparse even by their standards. A trio of understated guitars supply both rhythm and melody, including some countrified electric filigrees, while a drummer taps out a primitive pattern that stays constant through the song. Burkum and Torrey sing of being torn between moving on and trying to reconcile with someone, without any place to direct their affection. “Do you remember when we first met/Can we make it feel the way it did back then?” they sing, but there aren’t any answers forthcoming.

Easy Way, the duo’s third studio album, will be released March 1st. The Cactus Blossoms also have a series of headlining tour dates that kick off April 5th as well as a scheduled appearance during the annual Luck Reunion at Willie Nelson’s Texas ranch.

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