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Derek King’s “Tetris” is a baffling song, even by streaming’s everything-goes standards. It’s built around the melody of Sisqó’s 2000 hit “Thong Song,” but comes with a Bay area bounce. Instead of comparing butts to dump trucks, King’s lyrics are more interested in using the famous puzzle game as a horny metaphor. “So baby, come sit that booty/Make it fit like it’s Tetris,” he raps, before transitioning into a processed vocal run.

It’s a lot, almost too much, but that’s part of the charm. For the last decade, R&B has been more concerned with downtempo, often depressing music than anything that comes close to eliciting joy. “Tetris” revels in the nostalgia of its source material and by the time King sings “Cuz you’re livin’ la vida loca” his addition to the booty song pantheon is complete.

“Tetris” isn’t viral yet, but that hasn’t stopped the song from living a weird internet life in plain sight. The song has a dance challenge, the most famous of which features Billie Eilish grinding with a bag of bagels as the song plays in the background. It’s currently number 40 on Mediabase’s rhythmic chart and has seen some success on Shazam. The song is still fairly regional and has yet to pick up huge numbers on streaming services, but with the release of the official music video in February it has the potential to start gaining more traction. Plus, anything that pays homage to the silver-haired deity deserves to be heard.

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