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Earlier this month, Lilly Hiatt tweeted something she overheard while selling merch on her spring tour: “Lilly Hiatt, is she related to John Hiatt?” “No, he’s H-Y-A-T-T.” She chose not to correct them, but should the misinformed parties pick up Lilly’s new Record Store Day release on Saturday, they’d have no doubt that, yes, she is John Hiatt’s daughter.

She and her father team up to record each other’s songs for a special 7-inch available April 13th (only 1,300 copies were pressed). The elder covers Lilly’s “All Kinds of People,” off her 2017 LP Trinity Lane, while she tackles her dad’s “You Must Go,” from his 1995 album Walk On.

Both Hiatts explained their reasons for choosing their respective songs in a January cover story interview with the East Nashvillian.

“I chose ‘You Must Go’ from his album Walk On, which is a special album to me, from a special time in my life, 1995. It has our first dog, Lila, on the cover,” Lilly said. “I recorded it in my boyfriend’s studio, and it’s a song that my boyfriend used to listen to with his dad.”

John Hiatt said he picked “All Kinds of People” because of its “wistful vibe.” “It has a cool sing-song thing about it,” he said.

Lilly is currently on the road, with plans to record the follow-up to Trinity Lane soon. This weekend, she’ll perform at Shovels & Rope’s High Water Festival in Charleston, South Carolina. Her father is set to headline his own solo run later this month.

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