Metropolitan Museum of Art’s New Rock and Roll Exhibit – Rolling Stone

New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is home to an overwhelming collection of historical art objects, but starting April 8th, it will welcome a different type of antiques. “Play It Loud: Instruments of Rock & Roll” collects both iconic and lesser-known guitars, percussion instruments, keyboards, amplifiers and even posters from the last roughly 60 years of rock. Here are just a few of the many selections.

Never one to shy away from stage props, Kiss’ Paul Stanley had an idea for a “mirror-covered guitar that looked like it was smashed at the pickups,” which would reflect stage lighting “like a disco ball.” Jeff Hasselberger of Ibanez guitars took on the task by way of inlaid pieces of mirror glass by hand. Stanley used it in the late 1970s and again for the Kiss quartet reunion tour in 1996-7.

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