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No, it’s not a parody of her ubiquitous “I Will Always Love You,” as it was written and recorded six years before that classic. This is Parton, zipping her way through one of the funniest songs she’s ever written or recorded, casting herself as a black-gold-digging opportunist who wants to get her hands on a Texas millionaire’s oily fortune. Unlike the real singer, who grew up poor but worked her way out of poverty to become a successful entertainer, businesswoman and philanthropist, the song’s character, who also comes from humble beginnings, “said I’d find a rich man and love my way to fame.” She gets points for honesty, at least. (Today, that kind of thing would get you a reality show.) Parton featured the tune, penned with her uncle, Bill Owens, on her first RCA album, 1968’s Just Because I’m a Woman. Since, she’s occasionally included it in her live shows as part of a “silly songs” medley.

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